• Clark Richards

Barletta Condominium Roof Replacement

So, starting a new project has forced me to attend to our website. I've just spent some time creating a notice / calendar so that our customers can check to see our proposed schedule for working on their buildings.

It's summer now, so we can plan all we want, but Mother Nature will tell us what she wants us to do, and it usually is less than we plan. So for the residents of Barletta in Bella Terra, be prepared to see your planned start and stop dates change. We hope that you check back often to insure that you are aware of just when we are starting the first and final phases of your work.

Your staging area and construction trailer are located at the northeast corner of the property adjacent to 19961 Barletta Ln.

We've dedicated an email for the Barletta Community for answering your questions and it is

Please be aware of your surroundings. There is no way to make re-roofing your buildings pretty! We will cordon off the parking lot area by your building while working on it, and will restrict the ingress / egress from your building's entrance to improve safety. Please exercise caution when coming and going from your home and don't hesitate to ask our on site management any questions you may have



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