Blu Sushi Downtown
2262 First Street
Fort Myers, FL  33901

Located in the Historic District in Downtown Fort Myers Blu Sushi Downtown is a destination restaurant themed with video walls that capture continuous fixed and moving images, exposed mechanical systems which combine with sound to create a dining ambiance unique in Southwest Florida.

Haystak /
1525 Hendry Street
Fort Myers, FL  33901

Headquarters for Haystak, a digital marketing firm that is a subsidiary or and part of the Cox Companies.


This 15,300 sf former McCrory's building sat vacant since 1986 before Coconut Grove Construction performed a complete renovation to the building, it's mechanical systems, roofing in addition to upgrading the building to meet modern codes for energy efficiency, vertical and handicap accessibility.


With innovative design by HLG out of Atlanta, GA, Coconut Grove Construction Corp. executed a design which juxtaposes the historic with functiona modern design.


Home for 100 empoyees, this space is thrilling to work and play in.



Fiddlesticks Re-Roofing


Set in a mature community in south Lee County, Fiddlesticks prides itself with some of the finest homes in Lee County.


The owner of this home transformed it to a French Provincial look and the flat split shake tile enhanced the appearance of this totally remodeled home.


This roof utilized a "no mortar" hip and ridge tile to complete the sharp lines of the roof.


This historic 3 story commercial building in downtown Fort Myers was re-roofed to cure persistent problems for their Class A tenants.  With numerous pieces of roof mounted equipment service personnel were damaging the roof and water was ponding making repairs difficult.  We proposed a 3 ply modified bitumen system with a 20 year manufacturer's warranty in conjunction with fluid applied roofing on the parapets, new metal coping, solutions for the ponding water, new scuppers and upgrading all the electric.  We upgraded the elevator room access, elevated all the mechanical equipment and installed a drain system for the air conditioning condensate to eliminate the constrant water on the roof.  With added insulation, one tenant has realized significant savings on their electric while proviiding a more comfortable environment for their customers.


Main street "cool roof"

This roof was old and thte roof structure had settled enough so tha there was considerable ponding water.  Repairs were difficult during season due to the constrant water on the roof.  Cost was a consideration for this owner so we proposed a fluid applied roofing system with a 15 year labor and material warranty.  The tenants enjoy energy savings and the owner enjoyed funding provided from FPL to lower the installation cost as we are FPL participating contractors (cost participation program has since been discontinued by FPL in 2015).


This roof system is "Green" in every way.  It saves energy by reducing heat gain from the roof, helps in reducing the uban heat core associated with dense development, and reduces the waste stream as if frequently can be installed on the existing roof.


It is considered a "maintenance" product and can result in current year expense from a tax perspective.

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McCrorys - Haystak 2nd floor